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Description du service

Cet article présente le service API Gateway disponible dans Alibaba Cloud.

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  • Increases productivity. API Gateway provides a routine maintenance service for API documentation, SDK management, API version management, and other relevant scenarios. This removes the hassle of API management and significantly reduces maintenance costs.
  • Only pay for actual services. API Gateway supports activation, routine API management, document generation, SDK generation, throttling, and permission control for free. You only need to pay for actual API calls.
  • Large scale and high performance. API Gateway is deployed in a distributed way. It can perform automatic scaling, handle massive API access requests, and guarantee low delay to provide highly secure and efficient gateway functions for your backend services.
  • Secure and stable. You only need to open your service to API Gateway on the intranet, without worrying about security issues. API Gateway provides strict permission management, precise throttling, and comprehensive alarms, and precise monitoring functions, guaranteeing that your service is secure, stable, and controllable.


  • API lifecycle management. A range of lifecycle management functions, including API release, API testing, and API removal are supported. Routine maintenance functions such as API management, API version management, quick API rollback and more are supported.
  • Comprehensive security protection Multiple authentication methods, and HMAC (SHA-1, SHA-256) algorithms for signatures are supported. HTTPS protocol and SSL encryption are supported. Active mechanisms such as anti-attack, anti-injection, anti-request replay, and anti-request tampering are supported.
  • Flexible permission control. Users can use apps as the identity for API request, and the gateway supports app-based permission control. Only authorized apps can send requests to the API. API providers can authorize an app to call an API. If an API is available on the API marketplace, buyers can grant their own apps with the purchased API.
  • Precise throttling. Throttling can be used to control API access frequency, app request frequency and user request frequency. Throttling can be measured in minutes, hours, or days. The gateway also supports throttling exceptions, allowing you to set special apps and users.
  • Request verification. API Gateway supports parameter type and parameter value (range, enumeration, regular expression) verification. Invalid parameter types and values result in immediate rejection by the API gateway. This minimizes waste of backend resources on invalid requests and significantly reduces backend service processing costs.
  • Data conversion. By configuring mapping rules, data between the frontend and backend can be translated. Front end requests and returned results can be converted through API Gateway.
  • Monitoring and alarms. API Gateway provides visualized API monitoring in real time, including call volume, traffic volume, response times, error rates, and successively added dimensions. Historical data querying and the facilitation of overall analysis is supported. You can also configure warning methods (notifications sent through SMS or email) and subscribe to warning notifications to stay informed about your API operational status in real time.
  • Automated tools. API Gateway automatically generates API documentation which can be viewed online. API Gateway provides demo SDKs in multiple languages for better accessibility and helping to reduce O&M costs. API Gateway provides visualized debugging tools for rapid testing and release. API marketplace


Ce service peut être déployé à l’aide des interfaces suivantes:

  • Console
  • Terraform

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Pour déployer ce service à l’aide de la console, il faut effectuer les actions décrites ci-dessous.

  1. se connecter sur la Console
  2. sélectionner le service API Gateway


Pour déployer ce service à partir de Terraform, il faut utiliser les ressources suivantes:


Pour sécuriser ce service, on peut placer devant (architecture) un WAF (Web Application Firewall). Pour plus d’informations sur WAF, il faut se reporter à cet article: Web Application Firewall (WAF) dans Alibaba Cloud




Pour obtenir des informations sur le pricing de ce service, il faut se reporter à l’article suivant:


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